• UHD Computer Portable Monitor IPS Screen 1920x1080
  • UHD Computer Portable Monitor IPS Screen 1920x1080
UHD Computer Portable Monitor IPS Screen 1920x1080

UHD Computer Portable Monitor IPS Screen 1920x1080

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KOHO
Model Number: KM25A
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Detail Information

Refresh Rate: 165Hz Color: Black
Screen Size: 25 Inches Brightness: 400 Cd/m²
Response Time: 3ms Resolution: 1920x1080
I/O Jack: HDMI IN*2/Display Port In*1/Headphone*1 Panel Type: IPS
High Light:

UHD Computer Portable Monitor


1920x1080 Portable Monitor


1920x1080 uhd computer monitor

Product Description

Product Description:

The era of dynamic workstations and mobile productivity has ushered in a demand for equipment that matches the pace of today's professionals and enthusiasts. Enter the Portable Monitor, a meticulously crafted On-the-go Monitor designed for those who require exceptional display quality in a transportable format. The Portable Computer Monitor embodies the perfect synergy of form and function, offering a 25-inch visual expanse without the cumbersome bulk that traditionally accompanies monitors of this size.

With a striking brightness of 400 Cd/m², the Portable Monitor stands out with its ability to deliver vivid and sharp images even in well-lit environments. This level of brightness ensures that whether you're working in a café, in transit, or at a temporary workspace, your content remains clear and vibrant. The brilliance of the display is complemented by the monitor's impressive IPS panel technology, which provides wide viewing angles and consistent color reproduction, making it an ideal choice for graphic designers, video editors, and anyone who values color accuracy in their work.

The Compact Monitor Display is not just about static image quality; it boasts a high refresh rate of 165Hz, which is particularly beneficial for tasks that involve fast-moving visuals. Whether you're editing video, enjoying the latest gaming titles, or simply scrolling through your timeline, this refresh rate ensures a smooth, tear-free experience that is easy on the eyes. This feature is a boon for professionals and gamers alike, providing a seamless and immersive viewing experience free from the distractions of motion blur or judder.

Designed to accommodate various input sources, the Portable Monitor is equipped with multiple I/O jacks, including two HDMI ports and one Display Port, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. Whether you're connecting a laptop, gaming console, or any other HDMI/Display Port-enabled device, you will appreciate the flexibility and convenience of multiple connection options. Moreover, the inclusion of a dedicated headphone jack allows for private listening sessions, perfect for late-night work or entertainment without disturbing others.

The Portable Monitor is a testament to the evolution of the Compact Monitor Display, achieving a sweet spot of screen size at 25 inches. This dimension is large enough to provide a satisfying viewing area for multitasking and immersive entertainment, yet it is still manageable and lightweight for transportation. The monitor's slim profile and minimal footprint make it an excellent choice for those with limited desk space or for anyone who frequently changes their work location.

Reflecting on the needs of the modern user, the Portable Monitor has been engineered not only with high-quality components but also with an eye towards user comfort and ergonomics. The monitor's design facilitates ease of use, with simple setup procedures and intuitive controls. Whether you're presenting to a group, setting up a temporary workstation, or simply enjoying your favorite media, this monitor is ready to perform at a moment's notice.

In conclusion, the Portable Monitor is an exceptional choice for anyone in need of a high-quality display that doesn't sacrifice portability for performance. Its combination of bright, accurate visuals, high refresh rate, versatile connectivity, and compact form factor make it a top contender in the portable monitor market. Whether for work or play, the Portable Monitor is a reliable and stylish companion for your on-the-go lifestyle, ensuring you never miss a beat no matter where your endeavors take you.

UHD Computer Portable Monitor IPS Screen 1920x1080 0UHD Computer Portable Monitor IPS Screen 1920x1080 1


  • Product Name: Portable Monitor
  • I/O Jack: HDMI IN*2/Display Port In*1/Headphone*1
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Refresh Rate: 165Hz
  • Screen Size: 25 Inches
  • Brightness: 400 Cd/m²
  • Portable Computer Monitor
  • High Refresh Rate Portable Monitor
  • IPS Panel Portable Monitor

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Brightness 400 Cd/m²
Panel Type IPS
I/O Jack HDMI IN*2/Display Port In*1/Headphone*1
Response Time 3ms
Resolution 1920x1080
Screen Size 25 Inches
Refresh Rate 165Hz
Color Black


The KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor is a versatile and efficient solution designed to meet the needs of professionals, gamers, and entertainment enthusiasts who require a convenient monitor screen with superior display quality. Originating from China, this portable monitor boasts a sleek black color, a 25-inch screen size, and a crisp 1920x1080 resolution, ensuring that users experience vivid and sharp images in every use.

One of the most significant application occasions for the KOHO KM25A is in the realm of business and remote work. Professionals who are often on the move will find this portable monitor to be an indispensable tool for presentations, collaborative projects, and multitasking. With its impressive brightness of 400 Cd/m², the KM25A provides a clear view even in well-lit environments, making it perfect for outdoor presentations or working in cafes and public spaces.

For gamers, the KOHO KM25A offers an immersive gaming experience with its fast response time of 3ms, minimizing motion blur and ensuring smooth gameplay. The portability of this monitor makes it ideal for gaming tournaments, LAN parties, or simply for setting up a temporary gaming station at a friend's house. The convenience of the KOHO portable monitor allows gamers to bring their best game anywhere, anytime.

Furthermore, the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor serves as an excellent addition to any home entertainment system. Whether it's for watching movies, streaming content, or extending the display from laptops and smartphones, this monitor provides a convenient monitor screen that enhances the viewing experience with its full HD resolution and vibrant color reproduction.

Lastly, educational settings and creative professionals can benefit immensely from the portability and high-quality display of the KOHO KM25A. Teachers and lecturers can bring their own trusted display to different classrooms, while graphic designers, photographers, and video editors can enjoy the accurate color representation and detail that the monitor provides, ensuring that their work is displayed precisely as intended.

In every scenario, the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor stands out as a versatile and convenient tool that enhances productivity and entertainment for any user. Its impressive features, including the 1920x1080 resolution, 400 Cd/m² brightness, and quick 3ms response time, make it a top choice for anyone in need of a reliable and high-performing portable monitor screen.



Experience the ultimate convenience with the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor. This compact monitor display is designed to deliver high-definition visuals with its stunning 1920x1080 resolution. Perfect for on-the-go professionals and gamers alike, the KOHO portable monitor boasts a 25-inch screen size for an immersive viewing experience.

Originating from China, the KOHO KM25A model is a testament to cutting-edge technology in a convenient monitor screen package. With a swift refresh rate of 165Hz, this portable monitor ensures seamless and fluid motion for fast-paced action scenes and high-speed tasks. The IPS panel type guarantees vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, making it the ideal choice for both work and play.

Not only does this compact monitor display feature an impressive resolution and refresh rate, but it also shines bright with a luminance of 400 Cd/m², ensuring that your content is always visible, even in well-lit environments. The KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor is a top-tier choice for anyone seeking a combination of portability, performance, and quality.

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Q1: What is the resolution and screen size of the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor?

A1: The KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor features a screen size of 25 inches and offers a resolution of 1920x1080, providing full HD clarity for your viewing experience.

Q2: Is the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor compatible with Mac and PC?

A2: Yes, the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor is designed to be compatible with both Mac and PC systems. It connects via standard display interfaces like HDMI or USB-C, depending on the specific ports provided on your device.

Q3: Can I connect my smartphone or gaming console to the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor?

A3: Absolutely. The KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor can connect to a variety of devices, including smartphones and gaming consoles, as long as your device supports video output through compatible ports such as HDMI or USB-C.

Q4: Does the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor have built-in speakers?

A4: Yes, the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor comes with integrated speakers for a more immersive audio experience without the need for external speakers, although the quality and power of the built-in speakers might vary based on the model specifics.

Q5: What type of panel is used in the KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor and what are its viewing angles?

A5: The KOHO KM25A Portable Monitor employs an IPS panel, which is known for its wide viewing angles and better color reproduction. This allows for viewing the display clearly from various angles without significant color shifts or contrast loss.

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