• Stretchable Bar LCD Display Monitor Autoplay USB/HDMI/TF/Earphone Jack 450cd/m2 Brightness
Stretchable Bar LCD Display Monitor Autoplay USB/HDMI/TF/Earphone Jack 450cd/m2 Brightness

Stretchable Bar LCD Display Monitor Autoplay USB/HDMI/TF/Earphone Jack 450cd/m2 Brightness

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Shenzhen of China
Brand Name: KOHO
Model Number: KL280A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Price: $263-359dollar
Delivery Time: 20-25 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000pcs
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Detail Information

Timing Clock: Support Timer Switch Function Brightness: 450cd/m2
Cconstrast Ratio: 1000:1 Viewing Angle: 178°
Cpupixels: 1920*360 Lcd Type: Stretched Bar Led Monitor
Function: Autoplay Interface: USB/HDMI/TF/Earphone Jack Ect

Product Description

Product Description:

The Stretched Bar LCD Display is a cutting-edge and versatile digital signage solution designed to meet a variety of advertising and informational display needs in commercial and public environments. This Adjustable Bar Display Unit boasts a sleek and elongated form factor, making it ideal for spaces where traditional displays might not fit or where a unique visual impact is desired.

Equipped with a Timing Clock, this stretched bar lcd display supports a Timer Switch Function which allows users to program on and off times. This feature is incredibly convenient for businesses that require the display to operate during specific hours, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. The Timing Clock functionality also contributes to the longevity of the display by preventing it from running unnecessarily when the viewing audience is not present.

The product is designed to seamlessly integrate into various settings thanks to its adaptable power requirements. With an Adaptor that supports an Input range of 100~240V AC 50/60HZ, it can be used in a wide array of countries and electrical environments. This adaptability ensures that the display unit can be installed with ease, regardless of the geographical location or local power standards.

In terms of visual performance, the Stretched Bar LCD Display delivers impressive clarity and sharpness with its Cpupixels configuration of 1920*360. This high-resolution display offers crisp and vibrant images, making it perfect for high-impact visuals and ensuring that messages are conveyed with precision and attention-grabbing detail. Whether used for displaying menus, timetables, promotions, or other informational content, the display's resolution ensures that all visuals are rendered with exceptional quality.

When it comes to brightness, the display shines with a luminance of 450cd/m2. This level of brightness is ideal for various lighting conditions, ensuring that the content remains visible and legible even in well-lit environments. The high brightness specification makes the stretched bar lcd display suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, maintaining readability and attracting attention to the marketing advertising displays.

One of the most user-friendly features of this display unit is its Autoplay Function. This feature allows for hassle-free content playback without the need for manual intervention. Once set up, the display will automatically cycle through the content, making it an excellent tool for continuous marketing and information dissemination. The Autoplay Function is particularly beneficial for businesses that want to deliver dynamic content without dedicating resources to manually update or manage the display.

The Stretched Bar LCD Display is an exceptional choice for businesses looking to enhance their marketing and advertising strategy. Its slim and adjustable design allows for placement in a multitude of environments such as retail stores, airports, train stations, and corporate buildings. The display's ability to support a timer switch, accept a wide range of power inputs, and its high-resolution screen ensure that it delivers both functionality and superior image quality. With its bright display and convenient Autoplay Function, the Stretched Bar LCD Display stands out as a reliable and efficient marketing advertising display solution for any organization looking to make a lasting impression.



  • Product Name: Stretched Bar LCD Display
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Function: Autoplay
  • CPU Pixels: 1920*360
  • Interfaces: USB2.0 / HDMI*1/SD
  • Brightness: 450cd/m2
  • Bar LCD Panel
  • Stretched Bar LCD Display
  • Ultra-wide Stretched Bar LCD Display

Technical Parameters:

Interface USB/HDMI/TF/Earphone Jack Etc
Adaptor Input 100~240V AC 50/60HZ
System V56
CPU Pixels 1920*360
Function Autoplay
LCD Type Stretched Bar LED Monitor
Brightness 450cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Timing Clock Support Timer Switch Function
Viewing Angle 178°


The KOHO KL280A Stretched Bar LCD Display, originating from the technological hub of Shenzhen, China, is a cutting-edge marketing advertising display solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern retail and public environments. With its unique Elongated Bar LCD Screen, this display offers unparalleled versatility and visual appeal, making it an ideal choice for a variety of application occasions and scenarios.

In retail settings, the KOHO KL280A serves as an eye-catching promotional tool, perfect for showcasing product advertisements, special offers, and other marketing content with its brilliant elongated display format. The device's 178° wide viewing angle ensures that your messages are clearly visible from different perspectives, maximizing customer engagement and boosting the visibility of your marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the KL280A is equipped with a convenient Timing Clock and supports a Timer Switch Function, enabling businesses to schedule content display according to peak hours or specific marketing strategies, thereby enhancing the efficiency of advertising efforts. This feature, combined with the ease of content management through its versatile interface, including USB, HDMI, TF card, and an earphone jack, makes the KOHO display a smart addition to any commercial space.

Transportation hubs, such as airports and train stations, can leverage the elongated format of the KOHO Elongated Bar LCD Screen to display timetables, announcements, and directional signage in a clear, concise manner. The adaptability of the display, together with its robust system V56, enables seamless integration into existing digital signage networks, providing passengers with real-time information at a glance.

The KL280A is also an excellent choice for use in corporate environments, whether it's to enhance communication within the office or to welcome visitors with an impressive digital reception sign. Its sleek design and the adaptability of the input voltage, ranging from 100 to 240V AC 50/60HZ, allow for effortless installation in a variety of settings without concern for power compatibility.

In summary, the KOHO KL280A Stretched Bar LCD Display is a versatile and powerful marketing advertising display that is well-suited for a myriad of applications. Its Elongated Bar LCD Screen design and advanced features make it a standout choice for businesses looking to elevate their advertising and information dissemination strategies.



Brand Name: KOHO

Model Number: KL280A

Place of Origin: Shenzhen of China

Viewing Angle: 178°

Function: Autoplay

Lcd Type: Stretched Bar Led Monitor

Adaptor: Input 100~240V AC 50/60HZ

Interfaces: USB2.0 / HDMI*1/SD

Experience high-quality visuals with the KOHO KL280A, a premium Bar LCD Advertising solution that offers an impressive 178° viewing angle for maximum visibility. This Bar LCD Advertising display is perfect for public transportation, retail stores, and restaurant menus. The KL280A features an autoplay function to ensure your content is always live and engaging. With its sleek Stretched Bar Led Monitor design, this display fits into narrow spaces, making it an ideal Bar LCD Advertising tool for any location. It comes with versatile interfaces including USB2.0, HDMI, and SD, and is powered by an adaptor that supports inputs from 100 to 240V AC 50/60HZ. Enhance your advertising capabilities with the innovative KL280A from KOHO, crafted meticulously in Shenzhen of China.



Q1: What are the main features of the KOHO KL280A Stretched Bar LCD Display?

A1: The KOHO KL280A features a unique stretched bar form factor, offering a wide display area for dynamic content presentation. It is designed for advertising and digital signage applications, providing high brightness, wide viewing angles, and full HD resolution for clear and vibrant visual performance.

Q2: Can the KOHO KL280A be used in outdoor settings?

A2: While the KL280A is designed to deliver excellent performance, its suitability for outdoor use depends on the specific environmental conditions and whether it has been designed with an appropriate enclosure. Please refer to the product specifications or contact customer service for advice on outdoor usage.

Q3: What input sources are compatible with the KOHO KL280A?

A3: The KL280A supports various input sources, including HDMI, VGA, and DVI, allowing it to connect to a wide range of multimedia devices for flexible content display options.

Q4: What is the aspect ratio and resolution of the KL280A Stretched Bar LCD Display?

A4: The KL280A offers a unique aspect ratio due to its stretched bar design, which is different from standard widescreen displays. It provides a full HD resolution, ensuring that content is displayed with clarity and detail.

Q5: Where can the KOHO KL280A be typically used?

A5: The KL280A is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including public transportation, retail stores, restaurants, and corporate environments. Its stretched display format makes it particularly suitable for locations where space is limited or where a traditional display would not fit.

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